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International Fur Federation

International Fur Federation


The IFF (International Fur Federation) is the global body representing associations from all aspects of the fur supply chain, and has members in 38 countries around the world. The IFF encourages high standards of welfare for wild and farmed fur, assesses the industry’s environmental impact, promotes transparency for consumers, and encourages young people and start up businesses wishing to enter the sector.


Each member of the IFF signs up to a Code of Practice, which states that the member will abide by national and international rules and regulations of fur production and trade.


The IFF operates under a regional structure, comprised of IFF Americas, IFF Asia, IFF Eurasia and Fur Europe.


Our member associations offer advice, support and representation at every stage of the supply chain. If you would like information on your national association, please contact us at BoF.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the fur industry, would like more information 
or are interested in working with us.


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