The Auction Houses





Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s largest fur auction house and the leading provider of luxury fur. The company is owned by Danish fur farmers and is one of the world’s best functioning cooperatives, which has ensured that the quality of Kopenhagen Fur’s skins remain amongst the finest in the world. 

At five annual auctions, international fur traders meet at Kopenhagen Fur to establish the current market value of fur skins through competitive bidding. Each year, Kopenhagen Fur auctions off more than 25 million mink skins in addition to thousands of fox, swakara, chinchilla, sable, sealskin, rex rabbit and karakul skins. The season starts in January and is followed by auctions in February, April, June and September. 

Kopenhagen Fur has some of the highest standards in the fur industry with a unique sorting and grading system that ensures the best fur quality.


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